Taichung Customs(台中關)


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TitlePublish Date
Taiwan and Australia Sign the Arrangement for Mutual Recognition of AEO to Facilitate Bilateral Trade2018-09-19
Keelung Customs to hold 2018 Customs Clearance Agent Seminars in Oct. and Nov.2018-09-12
Taichung Customs Urges Exporters to Mark Country of Origin Properly on Commodities for Export2018-08-30
Inbound Passengers are Reminded to Comply with the Quantity Limits for Alcohol and Tobacco2018-08-24
Taipei Customs reminds the public the importation of illegal drugs via post triggers penalties2018-08-22
Kaohsiung Customs Seizes 216,000 Packs of Smuggled Cigarettes2018-08-22
Taiwan Customs Launches New-Generation Anti-drug Weapon: First Domestic Gantry-Mounted Cargo Inspection Machine Ever2018-08-13
Better Facilities, Better Services: Taichung Customs Upgrades Facilities of Non-intrusive Inspection Center2018-07-30
Kaohsiung Customs Seizes Undeclared Containerized Dried Mushrooms2018-07-25
Chen I-tsai sworn in as Director of Taipei Customs2018-07-20
Keelung Customs and Third Special Police Corps, National Police Agency, Ministry of the Interior jointly seized 19 tons of chip board of Cyathea lepifera2018-07-13
Taxpayer rights protection ombudsmen assisting taxpayers to protect their own rights and interests2018-06-29
Inbound Passengers Prohibited from Carrying Meat Products, Fresh Vegetables & Fruits, and Living Plants2018-06-19
Taichung Customs Facilitates Clearance Process for Cruise Passengers on the PACIFIC VENUS2018-06-15
Kaohsiung Customs Seizes 990 Boxes of Smuggled Double Happiness Cigarettes2018-05-17
Importation of Medical Devices Shall Be Made in Accordance with the Import Regulation Coded as "504" Regardless of Their CCC Codes2018-04-13
Ivory carvings seized at Taoyuan International Airport2018-03-23
Taipei Customs seized undeclared medical devices at Taoyuan International Airport2018-03-19
Taichung Customs Encourages Taxpayers to Secure Their Own Rights2018-03-15
Kaohsiung Customs Seizes 26 Tons of Smuggled Dried Mushrooms2018-03-15
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