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Taipei Customs Seizes Undeclared Cash at Taipei Songshan Airport

On August 20, 2019, a ROC national was intercepted by Customs officials while passing through the “Nothing to Declare” channel (Green Channel) at Taipei Songshan Airport. According to Taipei Customs (TPC), the passenger was found carrying CNY230,000 and suspected to violate the Money Laundering Control Act. The money was therefore seized for follow-up action.

Under Money Laundering Control Act and Anti-Money Laundering Regulations for Cross-border Declaration and Reporting, passengers or service crew members carrying cash more than CNY2,0000 into or out of Taiwan are required to declare with Customs. Any false-declaration or non-declaration will result in confiscation of the item.

TPC reminds cross-border travelers carrying money laundering controlled items to declare with Customs to avoid penalties: foreign currency and negotiable securities over the value equivalent to USD10,000, cash over CNY20,000, cash over NTD100,000, gold over the value equivalent to USD20,000, and diamonds, precious stones and/or platinum over the value equivalent to NTD500,000. More detailed information can be found on the website of Customs Administration, Ministry of finance (http://web.customs.gov.tw). Toll-free number service 0800-311-006 provided by Taipei Customs is also available.

  • Publish Date:2019-08-28
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