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Taipei Customs reminds the public the importation of illegal drugs via post triggers penalties

From January to July this year, Customs officers at the Postal Affairs Section in Songshan Branch have busted 45 cases of drug trafficking by postal parcels or mails shipped from Netherlands, Canada, South Africa, Japan, the United States and Germany, with a weight of 32,459.58 grams narcotics in total, Taipei Customs said. The seized items include Cannabis, Cannabis seeds, LSD (Lysergic acid diethylamide), MDMA, Ketamine, Amphetamine, Chloroethcathinone, and Flunitrazepam (FM2), and the amount is 3.5 times higher compared to 7,083.9 grams of the same period in 2017. The statistics has suggested the nation’s drug problem a serious issue, and the government has made combating drug-related crimes a top priority of its administration.
According to Taipei Customs,1,028 grams of marijuana, declared as birthday gift, was seized in an EMS parcel sent from South Africa 27, January. The drugs were discovered when the parcel was X-rayed at Customs; 6,590 grams of Ketamine concealed in down jackets, declared as clothes, was recovered from a parcel shipped from Germany 22, March; stuffed animals saturated with 1,717 grams of marijuana, declared as toddler toys, was intercepted in an EMS parcel from Canada 10, May; 2,019 grams of of marijuana hidden in tea packages, declared as tea, was seized from a Canada EMS package 17, May; twenty pieces of LSD stamp drugs were found in a mail form Canada 7, June; thirty capsules of marijuana oil (weighing 39 grams) hidden in vitamin bottles, declared as vitamins, were seized from an EMS parcel from the United States 19, June.
Taipei Customs further indicated that its highly trained staffs would continue to enhance enforcement, especially targeting parcels coming from high-risk areas, by implementing screening technologies, cargo examination and narcotic dog detection to intercept narcotics at every port of entry. The efforts are part of the “New Generation’s Guideline of Anti-Drug Strategy,” and the goal is to combat and stem illegal activities across the island through intelligence exchange between partner government agencies of prosecution, police, investigation, military police, customs and coast guard.
Taipei Customs also pointed out that under the Rules of Awards and Penalties for Preventing Narcotics Hazard, when a violation report of manufacturing, transportation, sale or possession for sale of drugs is identified, the informant would be rewarded up to a maximum of NT$10 million. The public is encouraged to report any suspected drug smuggling activities to the Customs by calling the toll-free number 0800-311006, or 0800-038265.

  • Publish Date:2018-08-22
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