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Taichung Customs Urges Exporters to Mark Country of Origin Properly on Commodities for Export

Taichung Customs expresses that recently some commodities for export were found to bear incorrect markings of country of origin, which violated the requirements of the Regulations Governing Export of Commodities and caused the goods to be withdrawn from the warehouse and prohibited from export. In such cases, the shipping will be delayed, and the costs for export will be increased. Therefore, Taichung Customs reminds exporters to mark country of origin on commodities for export in accordance with the requirements of the Regulations Governing Export of Commodities appropriately.       


According to Article 20 of the aforesaid regulation, any commodity for export shall be marked itself or its internal and external package marked with the country of origin in a conspicuous and durable manner. In case such a marking cannot be made in accordance with these regulations owing to the special characteristics of the commodity or the special situation of packaging, the exporter shall apply to the Bureau of Foreign Trade for an approval. In addition, Article 21 of the above regulation requires the commodities for export and manufactured in the Republic of China shall be marked with "Made in Republic of China", "Made in Taiwan, Republic of China", "Made in Taiwan" or the equivalent in a foreign language.


Taichung Customs further expresses that common examples of false markings include “Chinese Taiwan” and “Taiwan Area”. Sometimes the goods even bear no marking of country of origin at all. All these types of markings violate the country of origin marking requirement. In order to facilitate export customs clearance, Taichung Customs urges exporters to comply with the corresponding requirements so as to secure their rights.  

  • Publish Date:2018-08-30
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