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Questions and Answers of the Examination

1 :Why were our cargoes examined and we have to pay for the cost of cargo exams?  
According to Article 23, Sections 1 and 2, of the Customs Act, Customs has a right to examine any shipment imported.
【Article 23 Sections 1 and 2】
With imported, exported or transited goods, Customs may examine or exempt examination either by authorization or by application.
When the imported or exported goods are examined pursuant to Paragraph One, it shall be the responsibility of the duty-payer or the exporter to attend to the transportation, unpacking or the opening of the cases, as well as the restoration of such packages to their original form or condition, with all expenses thus incurred being borne by him her. For transited goods, the responsibility shall be burden by the transportation firm.

  • Publish Date:2014-01-01
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