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TCC is one of four regional Customs Offices which are operated under Customs Administration, Ministry of Finance (MOF), and commands over the gates of border among Mid-West region of Taiwan. TCC handles the Customs clearance affairs of importation and exportation in Taichung Harbor, Mailiao Industrial Harbor and Mid-West International Airport. The duties also include the affairs of the bonded factories in five Mid-West counties; the bonded affairs in Taichung Harbor, Taichung and ChungKang Export processing Zone, and international inbound/outbound parcel post in Mid-West region (include Taichung City, Changhua County and Nantou County). The region coverage starts from Miaoli County down to Yunlin County. There are total five counties and cities, harbor and waters of Taichung and Mailiao.

2. The general situation of administration:
(1) Organization
A Director is assigned in TCC to comprehensive survey all of the TCC affairs, and  two Deputy Directors assist the Director in office affairs. In addition, there comes a Chief Secretary under Director and Deputy Directors to assist with all TCC affairs. In administrative sector, there are four offices: Personnel Office, Civil Service Ethics Office, Secretariat and Budget,Accounting & Statistics Office. In specialty field, there are five divisions : Clearance Division I, Clearance Division II, Bonding Division, Mobile & Non-Intrusive Inspection Division and Inspection Division. (Refer to TCC Organization Chart)
(2) Personnel
There are total 342 staffs and 28 technicians (8 aboard technicians included) in TCC.
  • Date:2019-11-05
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