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History of TCC

  Taichung Port is located in Wuqi District of Taichung City. The former TCC was the Wuqi Branch of Keelung Customs. In order to enhance the development of central Taiwan, relieve congestion of Keelung Port and Kaohsiung Port, reduce north-south traffic load, and facilitate the import and export of cargos in central Taiwan, the government started the construction of Taichung Port in 1973. The first stage of construction was completed on October 31, 1976. Taichung Port started the operation and turned out to be an international port. Taichung Customs was also established at the same time to provide services. In the meantime, the former Taichung Export Processing Zone Sub-station and Taichung Office Branch of Taipei Customs were transferred to Taichung Customs. On February 3, 1991, the title of the agency became Taichung Customs Office, Ministry of Finance because of organizational reform. Due to organization reform of Executive Yuan on January 1, 2013, it was renamed again as Taichung Customs of Customs Administration, Ministry of Finance.






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