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Questions and Answers of the Export

1.How to declare export cargo?


  1. Exporters can apply for Customs clearance procedures through Customs Clearance Service (CPT Single Window Service- https://portal.sw.nat.gov.tw/PPL//eng); the Customs website provides services for applying clearance procedures through computer online processing.
  2. Exporters can apply Customs declaration on-line or off-line either by self or by entrusted Customs brokers.


2.What are the documents required for export declaration? 


It's necessary for the exporters to fill out export declarations and submit invoice, packing list, letter of authorization, export permit or other required documents according to relevant regulations.


3.What are the relevant regulations for the exportation of cargo


  1. Legal corporations, associations or individuals who are not frequent exporters and not register with the Bureau of Foreign Trade should apply to the BOFT for export permits when FOB price of the export goods is equal to US$20,000 or above.
  2. The exportation should be processed in accordance with the regulations of the CCC “Commodity Classification of the Republic of China”, compiled by the BOFT.
    1. The exportation of goods which are in the list of CCC should be made according to the regulations of CCC.
    2. The exportation of wild fauna and flora, harmful industrial waste and scrap, recorded optical disks, strategic high-tech goods, etc ; should be made according to other relevant regulations.


4.What are the modes of export cargo clearance


As soon as the automatic on-line export declaration is applied, the Customs Computer Expert System will determine these declarations into 3 modes of clearances:

  1. C1: cargos released without the review of written documents or physical examination;
  2. C2: only the review of written documents is required prior to the release of cargoes;
  3. C3: both the review of written documents and physical examination are required prior to the release of cargoes.


5.How to applications of amend export declaration?


Mistakes in export declaration are allowed to be amended by the application of the consignor of goods submitting the relevant documents required. For further details, please refer to the Article 17 of the Customs Act and the Operational Regulations on the Amendment of Declaration Items of Import/Export Declaration Form.


6.What are the fees for export clearance


  1. Trade promotion fee: Customs collect 0.04 percent of the FOB price of the export goods. The customs office will issue a payment notice once in a quarter and deliver to the taxpayer by mail. The taxpayer concerned shall make the payment by the deadline.
  2. Other fees:
    1. Special examination fee: NTD 1,300 per declaration.
    2. Issuing certificates fee: NTD 100 per application.
    3. Declaration key-in fee: NTD 200 per declaration.


7.What documents are required for amending FOB value of export declarations after cargo release


  1. export permit.
  2. price certificate document(e.g. letter of credit, application for outward remittance, the duplicate of the declaration form of the same cargo exported  recently)


Contact point:Export Section, Clearance Division II
TEL:(04) 26565101 ext 102
Office hours:Monday ~ Friday  8:30-12:30  13:00-17:00





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