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Taichung Customs Reinforces Border Inspection to Deter False Origin Labeling of Imported Goods

Taichung Customs recently seized several cases of imported goods labeled with "MANUFACTURED BY TAIWAN FACTORY" on the goods or their cartons. All these cases were transferred to the competent authority-the Bureau of Foreign Trade(BOFT), Ministry of Economic Affairs for further management. Such kinds of misleading texts or patterns raised the concern of confusing people that these goods were made in Taiwan. Taichung Customs urges importers to truthfully declare import or export goods and correctly mark the country of origin as required to avoid penalties.

Taichung Customs reminds that traders shall truthfully label the country of origin of import goods in accordance with related regulations. False labeling of country of origin, or any other misleading characters and images about the country of origin on the article itself, the inside or outside package, instruction, catalog, package insert, or drawing, is violating the requirement of Paragraph 2, Article 17 of Foreign Trade Act. Upon finding such labeling, Customs will notify the Bureau of Foreign Trade(BOFT), Ministry of Economic Affairs. A penalty between NT$60,000 to  NT$3,000,000 may be imposed on the violator according to the provision of Article 28 of the Foreign Trade Act.

Taichung Customs reiterates that during the Covid-19 pandemic Customs shall continuously strengthen enforcement to prevent untruthful labeling of country of origin and maintain the excellent reputation of "MIT"(made in Taiwan).

Issued:Secretariat Release date:2021-09-29 Click times:261