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Make Good Use of Customs Declaration Online Commission System

In order to provide a convenient and safe customs clearance environment and to implement electronic policies, Customs-Port-Trade Single Window (CPT) provides the customs declaration online commission system and proactive notification services. Taichung Customs calls on individuals and traders using MOEACA ID card (issued by the Ministry of Economic Affairs Certification Authority) or Citizen Digital Certificate to mandate customs brokers with single case or long-term commission to process customs declaration.

Taichung Customs reiterates that during the Covid-19 pandemic, please make good use of the customs declaration online commission system. The applicants no longer need to submit paper copies at the operation counter to save manpower and time. In the meantime, it could prevent customs brokers from using a false or assumed name for customs declarations. For related operating instructions, please link to the CPT website (https://portal.sw.nat.gov.tw) and click to download the user manual. For system operation questions, please call the CPT service center, telephone number: 0800-299-889 or dial (02) 25506409

Issued:Secretariat Release date:2021-10-12 Click times:259