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Taichung Customs Reiterates the Radiation Safety Control of Instrumental Inspection Operations and Calls on Drayage Truckers of Containers Subject to the Inspection to Follow the Regulations

Customs conducts X-ray inspection of large containers and continually adheres to professional radiation safety control to ensure the radiation safety of personnel and the surrounding environment.

In order to improve the smooth operation of container inspection and maintain the health and safety of employees on duty and drivers, Taichung Customs once again reminds drayage truckers to abide by the following regulations when entering the inspection field

1.The container inspection station is a radiation workplace, and there are planned waiting areas and inspection channels for the container vehicles to be inspected. The container trucks to be inspected should wait in sequence in the waiting area, and are not allowed to enter the inspection channel or drive in the inspection station area without authorization.

2.After the inspected container truck is guided to the inspection channel for positioning and parking, the trucker should get off the dray and be guided to the lounge by a dedicated person to wait until the container inspection operation is completed. During the operation, non-staff members and vehicles other than the inspected ones are not allowed to pass through the inspection area. After inspection, the inspected container truck and its trucker shall be guided by a dedicated person on the departure procedure, and shall not leave the workplace without approval.

To ensure the radiation protection and safety in the workplace of instrumental inspection, Taichung Customs strictly implements the self-management of radiation sites and entrusts radiation testing organizations to conduct radiation measurements in the workplace every year to ensure the health and safety of operators and truckers. Drayage truckers are advised to comply with the regulations for movement and complete the container inspection effectively.

Issued:Secretariat Release date:2022-07-01 Click times:104