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Taichung Customs Urges Bonded Warehouses and Logistics Centers to Enhance Personal Data Protection Measures

In response to the issue of personal data protection which is highly regarded across various sectors, the Ministry of Finance has recently promulgated the "Regulations Governing Personal Data Files Security and Maintenance for Bonded Warehouses and Logistics Centers". Taichung Customs reminds operators under the governance of the said Regulations that personal data security plans should be formulated based on their viewpoint of corporate  management to ensure personsal data is well protected by creating relevant mechanisms for file management, auditing, retention, and improvement. 

Taichung Customs points out that operators of bonded warehouses and logistics centers should conduct an inventory-taking on customers' personal data in their possession and  develop a feasible policy to ensure personal data security is protected base on their demand for operators operations. Once an incident of security occurs, for instance,  personal data being stolen, altered, damaged, destroyed, or disclosed, the damage to individuals deriving from the incident should be controlled and the individual should be informed of the facts after the investigation is completed. The operators should also report the whole incident to the  Customs Administration within 72 hours of its occurrence. Additionally, after such incidents, operators should also develop preventive measures to avoid the recurrence of similar events. 
Finally, Taichung Customs advises that operators should provide regular education and training for employees to enhance their understanding and awareness of personal data protection. Through these practices, operators can mitigate the risk of improper use of personal data, prevent data leakage due to hacking incidents, and concurrently safeguard both customer rights and corporate reputation. To ensure that operators comply with relevant regulations, Customs has included personal data security maintenance as part of its administrative inspection items. Operators are urged to maintain records related to personal data protection for audit purposes.

Release date:2023-09-12 Click times:89