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Customs Strengthens Inspection of Emerging Tobacco Products and Urges People not to Purchase and Import Such Products to Avoid Punishment

Taichung Customs expresses that electronic cigarettes (E-cigarettes) and heated tobacco products are emerging products internationally. Chemicals, such as nicotine and flavors, can be added to such products. With more diverse flavors and appearances, emerging tobacco products result in inhalation of more harmful substances. Some of them are even mixed with illicit drugs. Emerging tobacco products pose even more health risks than conventional cigarettes. The public is advised not to purchase and import such products to prevent violation of laws and avoid punishment.

Taichung Customs reminds that, according to the Pharmaceutical Affairs Act, electronic cigarettes containing nicotine should be controlled as drugs. Imported electronic cigarettes without permit licenses are prohibited drugs specified in Article 22 of the Pharmaceutical Affairs Act. Violators shall be subject to punishment with imprisonment for a period of not more than ten years, and may in addition, be imposed with a fine of not more than NT$100,000,000. Even without nicotine, importing such products is also subject to punishment for violating Article 14 of the Tobacco Hazards Prevention Act. The public must be careful about these products.

Heated tobacco products are also emerging tobacco products. Their product attributes, positioning and regulation methods still need to be clarified. Before the approval of the amendment to the Tobacco Hazards Prevention Act, importation of heated tobacco products is prohibited. Smuggling or importation by a false declaration of such products, or passengers carrying them into our country without declaration to customs, shall be imposed with a fine pursuant to Customs Anti-smuggling Act, and the goods shall be confiscated.

Taichung Customs urges people to comply with law and regulations. Customs will continue border enforcement at ports of entry and actively intercept these illicit products to secure physical and mental health of citizens.

Issued:Secretariat Release date:2022-12-19 Click times:211