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Customs Urges Traders Declare the Country of Origin Correctly

Taichung Customs states that the Customs will continuously strengthen the inspection and supervision in labelling of goods origin to prevent origin fraud and illegal transshipment via Taiwan to other countries. The traders should confirm their exported goods are in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations before they can label the “MIT” (Made in Taiwan) for export declaration to avoid penalties.


Taichung Customs further explains that a qualified "Made in Taiwan" claim is appropriate for products that have undergone substantial transformation in Taiwan. A particular manufacturing or other process was performed in Taiwan must be met one of the following criteria:

1.The first six-digit of the Customs Import Tariff code of the processed or manufactured goods are different from those of the goods' raw materials. For example, imported aluminum ingots (tariff code: "760120") are processed into aluminum wheels for export. (tariff code: "870870").

2.No change of tariff code as described in the preceding subparagraph happens after a raw material is processed or applied to produce a product, but the added value exceeds 35%. E.g. importing hand tools, the added value of goods processed in Taiwan exceeds 35%.


3.Some specific products, such as solar grade silicon bar and solar grade silicon ingots, are produced through a specific production process that the Bureau of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs (BOFT) has announced as a significant production process.


Taichung Customs urges traders to correctly label the goods of origin. Failure to label the required country of origin can result in penalties, the cases will be handed over to the competent authority-the Bureau of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs (BOFT). The BOFT may impose a fine in an amount of no less than NTD 60,000 but no more than NTD 3,000,000. If you still have relative questions, please contact the Export Section Taichung Customs, Tel: (04)26565101 ext. 110.

Issued:Secretariat Release date:2021-01-20 Click times:192