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Controllers Made in Mainland China, for The Motorized Vehicles (Electric Motorcycles and Cycles Fitted with An Auxiliary Motor) Excluding the Application of A Small Quantity of License-free Import Regulation

Many domestic manufacturers use imported components to assemble and manufacture electric motorcycles or cycles fitted with an auxiliary motor. The controller is the key component of the assembly or manufacturing. Controllers for electric motorcycles or cycles fitted with an auxiliary motor were not originally allowed to be imported from Mainland China announced by the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA). Recently, the MOEA announced on August 19,2022, that controllers made in mainland China are excluded from the application of a small quantity of exemption. Taichung Customs will strictly take the new measures to strengthen border control.

Taichung Customs further stated that the controllers for electric motorcycles or cycles fitted with an auxiliary motor made in mainland China, previously according to the "requirement for approving the exemption of licensing for importing goods/articles from Mainland China in small quantities". However, on August 19, 2022, the MOEA issued the Announcement, excluding its application of the above-mentioned exemption. Afterwards, if you import such controllers made in mainland China, no matter what the quantity or the value is , you must apply for an import permit before importation.

Taichung Customs pointed out that the importer is obliged to declare the name of the goods honestly. If the importer fails to declare the actual imported goods and the import regulation is "MW0" or "MP1", once the Customs finds it and the importer cannot obtain the import permit, it will be regarded as the escape of Customs controls and will be penalized in accordance with the Customs Anti-Smuggling Act. If the traders have any doubts about the application of relevant laws and regulations, please contact the Customs office.

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