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Notwithstanding Pandemic, Dedicated Personnel Re-training Continues

Taichung Customs urges the autonomous management dedicated personnel make full use of online courses so as to obtain the necessary training while preventing the spread of infection of Covid-19.

Taichung Customs further stresses the advantages of E-learning. In keeping with the practice already adopted by the autonomous management on warehouse operators, dedicated personnel must take the re-training course at least 16 hours annually, as prescribed by regulation. Through the E-learning website, a wide range of Customs practice-related courses are accessible. Up to 8 hours could be obtained by E-learning. On completion of the e-courses, the website containing learning records and hours certified should be printed out and submitted to Taichung Customs where they will be retained. Should there be any enquiries, please contact Taichung Customs TEL 04-26565101 # 152

Issued:Secretariat Release date:2021-08-23 Click times:236