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Taiwan and New Zealand AEO Mutual Recognition Implementation Plan came into effect from March 18, 2021.

The Taiwan-New Zealand Mutual Recognition Arrangement(MRA) on Authorized Economic Operators (AEO)/ Secure Exports Scheme(SES) became operational with effect from March 18, 2021, marking a significant a milestone in the cooperation between Taiwan and New Zealand Customs in promoting cross-border supply chain security and facilitating efficient bilateral trade.


Taichung Customs indicates that Taiwan has signed AEO MRAs with the United States, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Australia, India and Israel. The MRA with New Zealand is the 8th AEO MRA concluded by Taiwan. The trade volume between Taiwan and New Zealand in 2019 amounted to around US$1.3 billion. Under the MRA on AEO/SES programs the recognized AEOs of both sides can enjoy substantial comparable and reciprocal benefits/ facilitation provided by both sides of the MRA, such facilitation in Customs includes:(1) reduced inspection for goods or expedited clearance;(2) received priority treatment if it has been selected for physical inspection.


Taichung Customs recommends AEO exporters to give their application by logging in the “Taiwan AEO Certification and Management System” on Custom Administration website so that the Customs Administration can share their AEO information with New Zealand Customs. Followings are the instruction: to select “Enterprise Basic data”/“Basic data maintenance” at function bar, and click “New Zealand” under the option of “MRA-willing to exchange information with the following countries”.


If any questions, please contact Taichung Customs at (04)2656-5101 ext368、369.

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