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Taichung Customs Appeals Technology Industrial Parks Business Entities to Follow the Regulations of Bonded Commodities

Taichung Customs indicated that technology industrial parks business entities (hereinafter referred to as business entities) shall prepare a bill of materials used per unit of various products (hereinafter referred to as the bill of materials) in duplicate, and report to Customs for recordation within a month after applying to be under supervision of the Customs, or before a new product is released from the Parks.

Taichung Customs further explained that if there is any change in the original bill of materials, business entities shall prepare a new bill in which the reference or approval number of the original document is listed after the amendment, and report the new bill to Customs for recordation. The bill of materials is valid for three years, starting from the date when Customs approves ; business entities shall report a new bill to Customs for recordation prior to the expiration of the valid period.

The bill of materials is the basis for writing off bonded raw materials. If the products are released from the Parks before the bill of materials is reported to Customs, the raw materials used shall not be deducted from the bonding account book , and business entities shall make supplement payment of the customs duties and taxes according to related inventory check regulations.

Taichung Customs urges park business to comply with the above-mentioned regulations. For more details, please contact Taichung Customs at 04-25323594.

Issued:Secretariat Release date:2022-05-16 Click times:143