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Customs Launched A New Facilitation Service for Vessels' Arrival of Digitized Declaration

In the light of the current Covid 19 pandemic, on 26th May 2022 Taichung Customs launched the digitized declaration for vessels' arrivals in ports, intending to reduce the risks of transmission of the disease and implement the government's policy on energy-saving and carbon reduction.

Taichung Customs stated that after the arrival of an incoming vessel, the captain or the carrier shall submit the documents inclusive of onboard import and through parcel list within 24 hours to the Customs for declaration, under Article 37-2 of Regulations Governing the Management of Import/Export Clearance for Transportation means. So far, the implementation has been smooth; however, considering the labor and time consumption of paper documents delivery between the traders and the Customs, and to avoid increasing the risk of the spread of the epidemic, please make more use of the Internet. Now, with the facilitation of the internet, the operators can easily access the CPT(Customs Port Trade) Single window with their MOEACA (Ministry of Economic Affairs Certificate Authority) ID card for the registration and entering Customs Services. The above-mentioned documents could be transmitted by PDF file electronically, eliminating the possible inconvenience.

Taichung Customs further elaborates that customs clearance digitalization is a rising trend worldwide. The adoption of this measure saves manpower, time, and expense, whilst enhancing the country's competitiveness. Since we are experiencing such a severe pandemic, carriers are strongly advised to make good use of this service. Should there be any further questions, please feel free to contact our customs clearance counter. TEL: 04-26565101 # 149.

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