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Taichung Customs Establishing Joint Center for IoT Cargos Monitoring Plan to Reinforce Cargo Movement Security

Taichung Customs is establishing a joint monitoring center to implement the Internet-of-Things (IoT) Cargos Monitoring Plan. Using IoT technology, the entire transportation routes and related data of containers (cargos) recorded by On-board Unit (OBU) equipments installed on the vehicles and corresponding On-board Unit Peripheral Device (OBD) seals are transmitted to the customs platform in real time. In this way, the plan can provide the information of an end-to-end container (cargos) movement, so as to strengthen the capability of monitoring cargos movement security. Moreover, this service platform facilitates interlink and transmission of cargo information and status, which provide enterprises the benefits of better logistics management, cost reduction, and environmental protection.


Taichung Customs expresses that the environmental construction of its IoT joint monitoring center is estimated to be completed at the fourth quarter this year. When the IoT Cargos Monitoring System comes online in the future, OBU equipments and OBD seals for real-time tracking should be installed on bonded semitrailers and bonded trucks. In the meantime, container storage, transportation, and shipping companies are also encouraged to establish corresponding automated equipments. All related logistics enterprises are recommended to collaborate with customs on this innovative security management mechanism so as to achieve a win-win situation between the public sector and the private sector with reinforced supply chain security.

Issued:Secretariat Release date:2021-05-04 Click times:67