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Inbound and Outbound Passengers Urged to Declare Excess Cash and Valuables to Customs

    Taichung Customs indicates that with the easing of the epidemic and the lifting of border lockdowns, the number of inbound and outbound passengers has increased significantly. The Customs calls on passengers entering and leaving Taiwan to declare with customs their carrying of cash or valuables exceeding the stipulated limit to avoid penalties. 
    Taichung Customs explains that, according to the Money Laundering Control Act, customs declarations must be made if inbound and outbound passengers carry cash in New Taiwan dollars of more than NT$100,000, Chinese yuan(renminbi) of more than RMB$20,000, foreign currencies (including HKD and MOP) valued at more than US$10,000, bearer negotiable securities with face value at more than US$10,000, gold valued at more than US$20,000, and diamonds, precious stones and platinum not intended for personal use and valued at more than NT$500,000. Failure to declare or false declaration may lead to confiscation of the item or a fine equivalent to the undeclared amount.
    Taichung Customs further states that inbound passengers who carry cash or valuables beyond the threshold shall declare to Customs via the Red (Goods to Declare) Channel in the arrival hall. Outbound passengers carrying such items shall go to the Customs Service Desk in the departure hall and make a declaration before entering the airport security area. Passengers can not only declare on paper but also submit an online declaration in advance through computers and mobile devices before entering and leaving the country, so as to expedite customs clearance for passengers. For more information about online filing, please visit the following website (https://portal.sw.nat.gov.tw/APGW/MI50!goToMI50INDEX?request_locale=en_US).
    If you have any questions, you can call the customs service hotline 04-26155172. Dedicated personnel are available to provide help.

Release date:2023-10-16 Click times:648