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Taichung Customs Opens Additional Training Courses for Autonomous Management Dedicated Personnel. Welcome to Enrollment.

Taichung Customs points out that in order to give convenience and flexibility to warehouse operators on wisely deploying their manpower and saving expenses, free on-job training courses for dedicated personnel will be held 3 times this year (2 sessions in each attendance time with a totaling 6 in all). These will be held in April, August, and November of 2021, respectively. These courses are completely free of charge and give operators more flexibility to manage their manpower when further study might be advisable.


Taichung Customs says that all dedicated personnel of warehouse operators applied to autonomous management are required to take 16 hours of relevant courses every year to retain their qualification so as to keep abreast of revised regulations, laws and practice operations, in accordance with the revised regulation dated November 6, 2018.


Taichung Customs further emphasizes that because of the rapid advances and development in technology and international trades, government regulation revision should strike the subtle balance between facilitation and surveillance. The aforementioned in service training courses are strongly recommended to enable staff to better understand new regulations and practices. For more details, please contact the Inspection Section, Taichung Customs, Tel:(04)2656-5101 Ext.150.

Issued:Secretariat Release date:2021-04-16 Click times:118