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Customs Appeals Not to Purchase Meat Products Abroad and Deliver to Taiwan

Taichung Customs recently seized a couple of pork product packages sent from Thailand and Mainland China, as well as sausage boxes and meat pet food purchased online from Japan. All of the above seizures were transferred to the authorities (Bureau of Animal and Plant Health Inspection and Quarantine, BAPHIQ) for further disposal. According to the regulations, quarantine objects should be returned, forfeited, or destroyed, and violators could be fined.

Taichung Customs emphasizes that the global pandemic of African swine fever (ASF) is still ravaging severely, and some countries in Asia have another outbreak. In order to protect the domestic pigs from infecting the ASF virus, all packages and passengers baggage entering into Taiwan are inspected by X-ray and quarantine detector dogs.

Taichung Customs urges that the public shall not purchase meat products abroad in addition to informing relatives and friends not to bring or send meat products to Taiwan to avoid punishment and to keep Taiwan stock farming safe. For more details, please contact Taichung Postal Affairs subsection. TEL: 04-23015110 EXT. 589.

Issued:Secretariat Release date:2021-07-26 Click times:253