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Importing CBD Products without Permission Can Lead to Penalties

      Taichung Customs indicates that Cannabidiol(CBD) products, which contain active pharmacological substances with medical effects, have become emerging health products. However, currently, Taiwan has not approved medicides containing CBD, and individuals should not purchase them online or carry them into the country without authorized permits to avoid offenses against the law.
      CBD and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are both cannabinoids extracted from the marijuana plants, which can be used as raw materials to make certain doses and formulations of cannabis compositions. According to the information released by Taiwan Food and Drug Administration (TFDA), marijuana and THC ingredients are considered addictive substances and classified as Category two narcotics. In the meantime, CBD is not addictive with pharmacological traits and medical benefits and is categorized as a general drug. At present, no CBD-containing drugs have been approved for sale in Taiwan. If individuals need to import CBD products for personal use after evaluation and obtaining a prescription issued by the physician must submit an application to TFDA in accordance with the "Regulations on Management of Medicament Samples and Gifts".
      If individuals are unsure about the regulations and purchase CBD products overseas through internet, they may be found guilty of illegally importing prohibited drugs if they fail to attach the import permit from the TFDA while customs inspect the goods. This violation of the Pharmaceutical Affairs Act may result in up to 10 years of imprisonment and a fine of up to NT$100 million. Furthermore, many CBD products sold on foreign markets contain excessive amounts of THC. If the THC content exceeds 10ppm, according to Appendix 2 of the Narcotics Hazard Prevention Act, it is considered a Category two narcotics and will be subject to the relevant provisions of that act.
      Taichung Customs persuades the public to be aware that currently there are no qualified and registered marijuana compositions medicines available and sanctioned by TFDA on the market. Individuals with related medical issues should seek professional medical assistance immediately and avoid purchasing or taking such products with controlled substances to prevent endangering themselves. Customs Officers will continue to reinforce the inspections on imported goods in order to prevent the nationals from being damaged by controlled substances and crack down on illicit drug smuggling, jointly safeguarding the health of the nationals.

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