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Taichung Customs Calls on Importers to Declare labeling of Origin Correctly for Reputation of MIT.

Recently, Taichung Customs seized some case of imported goods made in mainland China, and marked “REG. NO. OOOOO (TW)” on the article itself. Taichung customs calls on traders to comply with the relevant regulations and correctly mark the country of origin.

Taichung Customs further explained that currently there is no requirement to mark the country of origin of the mattress products under the Imported Tariff No. 9404.21.00 and 9404.29.00 on the article itself or the inner and outer packaging. “The Principles for Handing Cases Involving Import Goods Bearing False Labeling of Country of Origin ” stipulates that the labeling shall not be unfaithful or may cause its origin to be misunderstood. Violators will be transferred to The Bureau of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs for review under the Foreign Trade Act, and the maximum fine of 3 million dollars may be imposed; If the conduct is committed intentionally, it is even more likely to violate Paragraph 1 ,Article 255, of the Criminal Code of Republic of China " A person who intends to defraud another makes a false mark or indication on merchandise describing its country of origin or quality and shall be sentenced to imprisonment for not more than one year, short-term imprisonment, or a fine of not more than thirty thousand New Taiwan dollars.”

Taichung Customs emphasized that in response to the continuation of the China-United States trade war, and to maintain the reputation of MIT (Made in Taiwan) , the customs shall continue to strengthen the inspection of the labeling of origin of mattresses produced in mainland China and call on the traders to comply with the relevant regulations and safeguard the good will of “MIT”.

Issued:Secretariat Release date:2022-04-19 Click times:266