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Bonding Business

  Bonded Factory
  Bonded Warehouse
  Logistics Center
  Science Park
  Agricultural Biotechnology Park
  Technology Industrial Park
  Free Trade Zone

  Deferred payment of duties and taxes.
  Saved production cost.
  Simplified and accelerated cargo clearance procedures.


  • Bonded Factory

Bonded Factory is a manufacturer of export products with the approval of the Customs authorities and under the Customs supervision. All imported raw materials to manufacture or process into products for export may be exempted from customs duties. It helps the factory to save production cost and raise competitiveness in the international market. In addition, the factory can enjoy a simpler import clearance procedure.
Bonded Factory

  • Bonded Warehouse

Bonded warehouse approved by and registered with the Customs is a warehouse where is used for storing imported goods or the goods to be exported. Goods in bonded warehouse can be re-conditioned such as inspected, sorted, classified, re-packed, labeled and marked. 

Bonded Warehouse

  • Logistics centers

Logistics centers are the bonded location approved for registration by the Customs for engagement primarily in the business of warehousing, transshipment and distribution of bonded goods. Goods stored in a logistics center may carry out reconditioning and simple processing. It is useful for global enterprise to manage materials and distribute goods.
Logistics Center

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